Thanks to the sixth edition of the well-known board game, Scrabble players will have 300 new words to add to their vocabulary and boost their game.

According to Peter Sokolowski, editor at large for Merriam-Webster, which publishes The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, in an interview with USA Today, fans of the game won’t take the addition of long-awaited words like “OK” and “ew” to the approved Scrabble lexicon for granted in the most recent edition, which was released on Monday.

Players of Scrabble have been waiting for “OK” for a while, according to Sokolowski. Basically, the game’s lifeblood is two- and three-letter words.

The procedures to authorize new words for this edition were taken very carefully because it had been four years since new terms were added to the game’s canon. The North American Scrabble Players Association provided Merriam-Webster with advice for this edition. Merriam-Webster has been producing official Scrabble dictionaries since 1976.

Merriam-“The Webster’s Official Scrabble Players Dictionary,” now in its sixth edition, with 300 brand-new entries. The last update was made in 2014.

21 of the most contentious new terms that have been given the Scrabble seal of approval have been compiled by us. That ranges from words you might not have known existed, like “bokeh” or “aquafaba,” to others you could have swore were already there, like “zen” and “ew.” Additionally, we added their definitions from the Scrabble Dictionary on the Internet.

See which terms you should add to your vocabulary as soon as possible by reading on.

Arancini- are rice-filled balls.

beatdown: a resounding loss

Bestie: A best friend is someone that someone really enjoys

A tiny aircraft used for business is a “bizjet.”

Ew: abbreviation for disgus

showing a scowl; frowny

OK: okay, approving, endorsing

Qapik - is a shortened form of gopik, which is “a monetary subdivision of the manat (Azerbaijani manat)”

Twerk- is to squat and shake one’s buttocks.

Zomboid- Being similar to zombies


Sheeples are what people compare to sheep.


Yowza is a word for astonishment.


a breed of dog called a pug


facepalm definition, to cover one’s face with a hand.


A poorly hit ball is called a nubbe.


A hot pepper sauce, Sriracha


A tiny computer sign known as a “emoji” is used to convey emotion.


Zen is a condition of concentration and serenity.


A cookie with filling in the middle is called a macaron.


Cotija, a cheese from Mexico


A string of defeats is referred to as Schneid.


Bibimbap (noun) a dish of boiled rice and veggies


The liquid that is produced when beans are boiled in water is referred to as aquafaba.


The collective thoughts of a group are known as a “hivemind”


Bokeh, the blurry appearance of a photograph

Around Scrabble boards, there is frequent discussion about which foreign words have been assimilated into English to the point where they are playable. Say hello to Schneid, another newcomer of German ancestry. The phrase “losing streak” is used in sports. Other foreign words like bibimbap, cotija, and sriracha have been added because they primarily no longer need linguistic white gloves like italics or quotation marks.

Alfred Mosher Butts, an unemployed architect in Poughkeepsie, New York, invented Scrabble in 1933 under a different name, and it wasn’t until 1948 that the game’s current name was officially registered as a trademark. According to mythology, the game’s popularity increased in the early 1950s after the president of Macy’s came upon it while on vacation.