Scrabble is quite easy to learn: Each word in the English language is composed of 100 tiles, totaling 187 points. That even includes “oxyphenbutazone,” which according to math is the legal Scrabble word with the greatest point total (1,778 points after bonuses).

We may not be able to help you spell oxyphenbutazone for 1,778 points with our short list of Scrabble letter values, but at least we can tell you how many letter tiles are available and how many points each one is worth. Each Scrabble player should become familiar with the game’s letter values and tile distribution. The easiest approach to queueing up your subsequent play is to know the letters you will receive in advance, giving you an advantage over your rivals.

In the well-known word game Scrabble, players construct words by placing lettered tiles on a real board or online. The number of points assigned to each title varies. Each word is worth the total number of points that its letters add up to. In the English version of the game, there are 100 tiles, and each one is valued between 0 and 10 points. The distribution of tiles in Scrabble is one of the first things new players should understand. The game is such a wonderful challenge because of the constrained number of letters. An excellent grade is not always guaranteed by having a big vocabulary.

The two most common ways to play Scrabble are with a real game board and a human opponent, or with the well-liked Scrabble mobile app for iOS and Android. But what if you want to get more independent practice? Online Scrabble for one player can be helpful in this situation. Play Scrabble against the computer to sharpen your skills, or try your hand at a solo challenge.

  1. Play Scrabble

The most recent location for online Scrabble is Play Scrabble. Additionally, it is the sole solo Scrabble website with an official license. You can participate in single matches or tournaments by going to this free-to-join page and playing with any friends, complete strangers, or computer opponents. Additionally, don’t disregard the other free features. You can play Scrabble in one of seven different languages, browse the Scrabble dictionary, check out the discussion boards, and much more.

  1. ScrabbleGames.Info can be a nice option if you want a straightforward, single-player online Scrabble experience. However, since this is an unofficial website with an unofficial board design, neither it nor Words With Friends are exactly like the official Scrabble board. But you can play Scrabble against computer opponents on five different difficulty levels, and it is sufficiently similar.

  1. Aerolith Word walls

Are you prepared to test your word-unscrambling abilities? Aerolith Word walls put you up against the clock to locate as many words as you can, making it the ideal practice field for your upcoming major competition. To get started, you must create a free account. You can either sign in using Facebook or Google.

Select from the single-player challenges, such as those by word length, and more difficult ones like blank bingos. When you’re ready to play, the game will display a rack of letters, and you’ll need to enter every acceptable word you come across. Examine your outcomes in comparison to the daily leaderboards.

  1. Scrabble Blast

Scrabble Blast on Arcade Spot is modeled after the original but uses various gaming techniques, similar to how Scrabble Sprint delivers a unique type of single-player Scrabble game. Actually, you could say that it resembles Boggle more. In this game, you can link adjacent tiles diagonally to form words.

Initially, the board displays a 7 x 7 tile grid (including bonus tiles). The goal is to accumulate as many points as you can without allowing the “time bombs” to reach the bottom. For a complete set of keyboard controls, hover your cursor over the game and click the “controller” button. To finish a word, double-tap on one of the letters.

  1. Microsoft Store

Download Words & Friends by Crazy IO Games from the Microsoft Store if you’d prefer to play Scrabble on your computer instead of on a web browser. The Words With Friends and Scrabble-inspired Windows 10 app offers a gaming board that isn’t exactly like either of those games, yet is clearly inspired by both of them. The sleek, colorful style is appealing, and the computer AI can provide players of all skill levels with varying levels of challenge.

  1. AOL - Just Words Online

When it comes to a throwback, AOL is still in operation. Despite having a somewhat smaller board size than Scrabble, the unofficial game Just Words has a very similar board design. Just Words uses a 13 × 13 square board instead of the traditional 225 squares on a 15 x 15 Scrabble board. Additionally, you only receive 6 tiles on your rack rather than the usual 7-letter tiles.

The “assembly” area, where you can construct words and drag them all to the board while using letters that are currently in play, is helpful in this situation.

  1. Play Classic games

Do you want to go old school? You can play Scrabble: The Deluxe Computer Edition directly from your web browser with Play Classic Games. The Deluxe Computer Edition of Scrabble, which was first launched in 1990 as an MS-DOS game, is unavoidably retro-looking, complete with blocky visuals and bleep-bloop style computer sound effects. Besides a Human vs. Human option, there are nine distinct computer skill levels to choose from.

Remember that you are using an older dictionary because the game is a few decades old at this point. Therefore, even if they are legal in the most recent version of Scrabble, newer words cannot be used in this game. But you can incorporate them into the game’s lexicon.

  1. Lexulous

Another online Scrabble-style word game is available on Lexulous for play through your web browser. You can play a demo game for free against the computer, but if you want to keep playing, you’ll need to create a free account. With the ability to play over email, you can play online with friends and other people. There are benefits to choosing Lexulous over Words With Friends and other games of a similar nature, such as enhanced offline play.

Although Lexulous’ bonus squares are color-coded, the board itself is blank. For your information, light pink is a double word, dark red is a triple word, light blue is a double letter bonus, and dark blue is a triple letter.

  1. Use the Joomla Scrabble game

A dependable and straightforward single-player Scrabble website is We use the word “reliable” because Joomla Scrabble allows you to play Scrabble games against a simple computer opponent, which is precisely what you came there to accomplish. Scrabble on Joomla is precisely like traditional Scrabble, with the exception of the ability to select the computer’s difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard).

The game’s practice mode is its only added feature. Here, you can practice selecting the most appropriate words from the board and your letter rack. In this mode, the machine does not create words. Instead, it enables you to keep creating words until all 100 letter tiles have been used.